Vegetarian Gift Ideas


I think the best gifts are the home made ones, or gifts that are personal (maybe you can bake their favorite cookies) and can have a practical use for them (like eating them)…

• For example lets say you go to a mexican’s house, a flavored bar of spicy mexican chocolate like Abuelita Hot Chocolate would be a lovely reminder of what mexican hot chocolate taste like. It is a chocolate bar mixed with cinnamon and spices so you can mix it with soy/almond/coconut to make it vegan or just regular milk for a vegetarian option. Even a simple home-made salsa in a mason jar with a nice ribbon around it, makes a pretty cool gift.

• As a cook I love it when my boyfriend brings me different cooking oils, balsamic vinegars, cute little kitchen utensils, fancy dish ware, or a simple $5.00 olive jar. My favorite place to get these treats are from The Olive Pit up in the northern state of California.

Samosas! I have not met anybody who does not like samosas. Samosas are an Indian triangular empanada. Oh my god! It is the best crunchy savory pastry you can sink your teeth into. And they are good for staying out in a room temperature for a day or two without getting stale, which makes it an awesome gift. You can also make a chutney (indian salsa) to accompany it.

Culinary Herbs Plants!!! Having a fresh basil plant, thai basil, and rosemary are a must in my kitchen. There is a HUGE difference in cooking with fresh herbs and you can always find a small pot anywhere for under $5.00 for sure! I get mine at Trader Joe’s.

• A good magazine with great recipes is always an awesome gift. I love these magazines from The Vegetarian Times! They have a huge collection and a wide variety in recipes, from how to cook something very easy to something fancy or special or holiday events.

Well I hope that helps a bit if you are thinking about giving someone a vegetarian or vegan a gift. Little details can make something so simple really stand out. And a DIY is always inexpensive especially if you are on a tight budget. So as a vegetarian & vegan what would you like as gift?

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