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Breakfast & Tofu: Kickstarter Relaunch

Tofu Mofongo

Dear Friends and Family, the pledge time has ended for my Kickstarter cookbook campaign, and although I was unable to complete my Kickstarter $$ goal (you don’t get any $$ from the pledges unless the goal is reached), I have learned a lot from this Kickstarter campaign. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up and I can assure you that I will NOT give up! Sometimes by loosing a battle you find a new way to win the next one, and that’s exactly what I am determined to do on the next Kickstarter relaunch. I really want thank each one of you for your contribution, it means the world to me that you believe in this cookbook!
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Kickstarter Project | Life & Tofu Series: Breakfast & Tofu


Hi everyone!
I want to tell you guys that I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the fundraising to publish my first cookbook: Breakfast & Tofu. My goal is to have the book published by mid summer, and with your help I will be able to print more books and start on the next Life & Tofu Series: Lunch & Tofu. Please do what you can and visit my page for all the details. Thank you all for your continuing support!

Vegetarianly yours,
Dhanistha Rivera

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