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Vegan Seafood Expedition by Om Sabor

Om Sabor

Vegan Seafood Expedition | Featuring: Paella a La Valenciana, “Fish” Taco Salad, Ceviche Trio Tostadas

Dear Readers,
I am beyond joy to share that we are having our first Pop Up dinner in San Francisco, June 17th. This has been a long awaited dream and I want to welcome you to be a part of our journey. I partnered up with a Latin Chef from Dropbox to expand Om Sabor’s flavors and our first dinner is a Vegan Seafood Expedition. This menu was built on flavors that bring back childhood memories on a plant based platform. Our vision is to open doors to all that crave seafood flavors and textures on their vegan diet, or curious about it, if you grew up vegetarian. We are proudly sourcing our produce from local farmers such as Hamada Farms, Brokaw Ranch, Dirty Girl, Green Gulch, Vegetarian Layonna Health Food and others.

Stay tuned for more dinners coming up in case you can’t make it to this one! Below is the link for dinner tickets, we hope to cater our amazing vegan fusion cuisine to you in the future.

Link to Feastly Pop Up Dinner | Om Sabor


Amazing skin care, make up, nutrition, hair care… all VEGAN!!!

Hi guys I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve been around. After a new job at Greens Restaurant and doing Veg Festivals all year round, I’m finally going to get some time to get back to the blogging scenario. But first I want to share what I discovered at the WORLD VEG FEST in San Francisco this year. For those that know me very well, you’d know that I was crazy about Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup, and have been using for over 10 years, but I tried Arbonne’s line of products, from foundation to eye and lips, and I’m in love! The results were as fabulous in HD coverage and lasting color as Jane Iredale’s. Difference is that this skin care is all PLANT BASED with no chemicals and CRUELTY FREE. Prices are about the same as Jane Iredale’s but they have a crazy extensive list of cool products I welcome you to check out. Maybe it’s time to get a cool self gift for xmas or for your friend!

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