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Kale Macadamia Pesto Zoodles


Hola everybody, hope you are enjoying your easter weekend! Or Semana Santa as we call it in Mexico. Today this garlic free pesto goes out to a dear friend that has allergies with all kinds of nuts (except macadamia), veggies, garlic and onions, wheat, corn and other allergens related to his disorder: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I’ve thought about the importance of creating menus for people that have allergies. I want to show that with proper use of spices, vegetables, and cooking methods, you can still enjoy a delicious and creative meal and I am more than happy to showcase that in my recipe index. So here you go with this delicioso vegan and gluten free pesto to enjoy for any occasion, please share with any family or friends that would appreciate it! Salud!

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Rosemary Kale

Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Rosemary Kale

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

How about some sweet gnocchi with a garlicky brown butter sauce, infused with rosemary and tossed with lacinato (dinosaur) kale? Sweet potato is one of my favorite veggies, this root is hearty and sweet, filled with nutrients and vitamins, it’s just simply a diva vegetable root. And what to speak about kale??? DIVALICIOUS! Let me say if you cook it nicely, anybody can love it (even my boyfriend, who hates it!) I sneak it in his food all the time :p It’s just soooo gooood and good for YOU too!!! Continue reading