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Thank you so much for visiting my site, please don’t be shy to ask any questions, post comments, or just say HOLA! If you are interested in hiring a personal chef for  vegetarian, vegan meals or want me to cater to your event, please send me a message by filling out the comment box below or send me an email at 🙂 I’d love to hear from YOU or cook for YOU!

Your Vegetarian Blogger,
Dhanistha Rivera

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  1. Imelda Rodriguez

    I was lucky to have tasted your fabulous food at the nopal festival. I’m anciently waiting for the recipes of the delicious tamales and nopal salsa. I have been following your blog everyday to see if you posted the recipes, as well as new ones. Can you please email me the recipes? I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Dhanistha R. Post author

      Dear Imelda, thank you so much for your sweet comment… I posted the Nopales Tamales recipe and it is under the Mexican category in the recipe index. I hope you continue to visit and I am so grateful for your support! Gracias!

  2. Karen Moreno

    Hi Dhani, I am one who voted Several times for your delicious creation at the festival! I’m so glad I went and can’t wait for the recipe for the amazing tamale’s to show up here and also because I got your card and found your amazing blog. Mexican food is my favorite and seeing all these beautiful vegetarian recipes and photos makes my mouth water! Being from Texas and then Arizona I grew up on great Mexican fare and have always stayed away from meat and LOVE nopales!

    1. Dhanistha R. Post author

      That’s Awesome! I’m so thrilled to see you found my blog!!!! I have sooo much work to do on the blog but I’m getting there! Please keep checking and if you subscribe to my blog you can get the recipes emailed to you as they are posted.Thank you so much for the votes.

  3. D

    Always a fan of your cooking! Special request? I’m always on the hunt for tasty, high-protein vegetarian dishes- any recommendations?


    1. Dhanistha R. Post author

      Yes i do! I know that sometimes living a high paced life does not give you time for an hour cooking job. so yes i’ve played around with many tofu, chickpea, soy, dal dishes that are quick and simple, I’ll be posting everything. My next post is a mexican soup that is very common among weddings and is high in protein. It’s super quick to make too. Posole!

  4. Sasa RA

    Dandavats Dhanistha!!!

    I am so happy that you are doing this awesome Vegetarian Blog! Growing up in a vegetarian family with my mom Cuqui being a world renown vegan and vegetarian chef, I have the good fortune to have eaten a lot of vegetarian delicacies! And since the first time I tasted your cooking you became one of my favorite chefs in the world… I particularly like how you are able to quickly whip up amazingly delicious preparations at a moments notice!

    Keep being the awesome you!

    Sasa RA


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