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Que Rico Puerto Rico

Que Rico Puerto Rico!Puerto Rico Plantains, parrots, flowers...Puerto Rico!

These past 3 weeks I have been in absence from packing & moving our entire house to flying out for our vacation to the beautiful Borinquen island, Puerto Rico. The tropical island has been full of exciting adventures, colorful sandy beaches, delectable plantain dishes, rainforest waterfalls, flamboyant fishes, and bizarre vegetables and flowers.

We flew with friends and family to San  Juan and stayed in Condado for a week which is near the charming old San Juan. The old San Juan is a gorgeous historical town filled with bright colorful colonial buildings and its just such a magical place. After our stay there we decided we wanted to travel around the whole island, so we moved to Fajardo; the bioluminescent bay, visited the island of Palomino, stayed the night in Yabucoa, visited the state forest of Aguirre in Guayama, Ponce; the 2nd largest city in PR, Guanica, the sea salt flats in Combate, the colonial town of Cabo Rojo, and are in Isabela (garden of the northwest) for now.
This exotic island has been a wonderful adventure, and although being a vegetarian has presented some challenges as far as eating out, we always did have the option of rice and beans, variety of plantain dishes, yucca, ñame and my new favorite herb: Recau Cilantro!
Right now we will head to the Royal Isabela where Kala (my boyfriend) decided to have a round of golf in a 2200 acre golf resort. Sooooo I will have to come back to continue our trip later….sometime. It’s really difficult to be on the computer when there is so much beauty to see, so I apologize for the late post. I’ll be back Pronto!

Con Amor,

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