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Free eBook Download: A La Mexicana

What happens if you don’t have internet and can’t access your favorite recipe online. My dear friends, I have made a compilation of my favorite Mexican Vegan and Gluten free recipes and put them in an ebook so you can view or print them anytime offline. Please feel free to share with friends and family. Enjoy!

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On The Road to Portland Today!

Portland Here I Come!!! Portlanders prepare for a feast of beautiful vegan food, kombucha and handcrafted beers. I will be serving tamales, empanadas & tacos at The Vegetarian Blog Booth with the “Gourmet Tacos” banner. Show any picture from my Facebook or Instagram to get a free copy of my upcoming ebook: Breakfast & Tofu. Can’t wait to share my beautiful food, hugs and smiles with YOU!

vegan chile verde tacos

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Chile Verde Seitan Tacos

Chile Verde Seitan Tacos
Vegan Chile Verde
Chile Verde is a popular Mexican dish with an aromatic green chile sauce with cilantro, and tomatillos that cook the protein, thus the translation name “green chile” of Chile Verde.I remember this was one of my favorite dishes from my mama’s Mexican seitan recipes.
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The Vegetarian Blog at the Tequila & Taco Music Festival in Santa Cruz, CA

Dear veggie lovers in the bay area, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating as a vendor at the Tequila and Taco Music Festival in Santa Cruz, California, this Saturday and Sunday!

tequila festival

The Tequila and Taco Festival is this weekend at the San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz, California for 2 days from 11am – 5:30pm. The Vegetarian Blog will be serving Vegan Ceviche Tacos, Green Chile Seitan Tacos, Hibiscus Tacos and Tamales!!!

So come on down to the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz and buy your tickets, support your local vegetarian booth, eat amazing food, dance and drink margaritas (if you drink) and eat more amazing food (the veggie kind)!
For more information click on the website link: Tequila & Taco Music Festival

Hasta la vista baby! ✌

Gluten Free Veggie Quinoa Lentil Burgers

Quinoa Burger

This week has been the introduction of a new month, a celebration to freedom and the 239th birthday of the United States of America. This weekend for the 4th of july (the independence of the United States of America) is an all American tradition of grilling burgers and hot dogs, enjoying the warm summer days, and enjoying any outdoor resources. My 4th of July couldn’t have been more awesome without the company of my vegetarian big family. We definitely fired up the grill with all of the vegetarian options, some family and friends camped outside, and spent our days at the river, swimming, slip and sliding, shooting bows and arrows and of course shooting guns…definitely did it the American way…only in a Vegetarian American Way!!! Below is my gluten free veggie burger I want to share with you all because it’s so practical and not only do I use them in burgers but also in spicy asian wraps, or Mediterranean with hummus and avocado. They are full of fiber and protein, and will satisfy any hungry taste buds!

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Chickpea, Cucumber & Tomato, Basil Flower Salad + Cilantro Poupon Vinaigrette

Cucumber Garbanzo Tomato Basil Saladbasil flower saladchickpea cucumber tomato basil salad

Today is a really hot day, and it’s suppose to go up to 109ºF!! After moving up to the hot northern part in california, my cooking style has definitely explored into chilled and cooling foods to enjoy in a 90+ Fahrenheit degree weather. This past week has been a bit busy with work and I didn’t have time to prune off the flowers on my basil plants, so I decided to use them in a chickpea/garbanzo salad with a basil and cilantro vinaigrette. The flowers aren’t a must in this recipe, but they do create a feeling of delicacy and romance to the plate plus it adds a beautiful touch to a regular plain chickpea salad. Continue reading